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Alpharetta, GA 30022
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John Egnot, Account Director
678-852-4781 / jegnot@gmdealerprograms.com

Primary contact for Chevy Youth Sports and projects in the North Central and Northeast Regions. Additionally, John works directly with participants in the Des Moines (IA), Erie (PA), Green Bay (WI), Johnstown-Altoona (PA), Milwaukee (WI), Pittsburgh (PA), Providence (RI), Syracuse (NY), and Wausau (WI), markets.

Beth Caldwell, Account Director 
678-852-5379 / bcaldwell@gmdealerprograms.com

Primary contact for individual dealer programs (iMR), DealerPromoEngine.com and projects in the West Region. Additionally, Beth works directly with participants in the Detroit (MI), Greensboro (NC), Hartford (CT), Hawaii, Philadelphia (PA), Raleigh (NC), San Francisco (CA), and Yakima (WA) markets.

Michelle Krause, Senior VP of Operations
678-438-3758 / mkrause@gmdealerprograms.com

Michelle works with participants in the Albany (NY) and Wilkes-Barre Scranton (PA) markets.

Amanda Helton, Account Director
770-401-9083 / ahelton@gmdealerprograms.com

Primary contact for projects in the South Central and Southeast Regions. Additionally, Amanda works directly with participants in the Fort Myers (FL), Houston (TX), Kansas City (KS/MO), Lincoln (NE), Mobile-Pensacola (AL/FL), New York (NY), Omaha (NE), San Angelo (TX), St. Louis (MO), and Tampa (FL) markets.

Stephanie Villegas, Senior Account Executive
770-337-3081 / staylor@gmdealerprograms.com

Primary contact for Chevy Youth Sport Clinics. Additionally, Stephanie works directly with participants in the Atlanta (GA), Charlotte (NC), Columbus (GA), Indianapolis (IN), Jacksonville (FL), Macon (GA), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN), San Antonio (TX), Tallahassee-Panama City (GA/FL), and West Palm Beach (FL) markets.

Cara Fernandez, Account Executive  
404-314-0514 / cfernandez@gmdealerprograms.com

Cara works with participants in the Baton Rouge (LA), Biloxi-Gulfport (MS), Columbus (OH), Boston (MA), Chico-Redding (CA), Cleveland (OH), Colorado Springs (CO), Fargo (ND), Lubbock (TX), New Orleans (LA), Oklahoma City (OK), Rochester (MN), San Diego (CA), Springfield-Holyoke (MA), and Tulsa (OK) markets.

Taylor Messmer, Account Executive  
470-383-1671 / tmessmer@gmdealerprograms.com

Taylor works with participants in the Cedar Rapids (IA), Charleston (WV), Cincinnati (OH), Fort Wayne (IN), Lexington (KY), Lafayette (LA), Louisville (KY), Marquette (MI), Orlando (FL), Peoria (IL), Richmond (VA), Roanoke (VA), Sioux Falls (SD), Wichita (KS), Wilmington (NC), and Youngstown (OH) markets.

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